Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dabar* - an Advent Reflection

Prepare your gift deep within
In stillness bring it forth
Loose all your notions
Of what may be
And wait
For the subtle pouring
of The Word,
Into your vessel

Then when you rise
It will trail behind you
Through the holes in your colander
Like pollen on bee’s feet
From this flower to that one
Sticky manna of

Peggy Advent 2010

*The word dabar means "word" or "talk" in Hebrew, in other words, self expression. In the Hebrew Bible, dabar is used in reference to the "Divine Word", and, importantly, in an active sense as a "word event", or prophetic words. In Christianity, the Old Testament concept of "word event" represented by dabar carries over as revelation, significantly in the incarnation of Jesus. But beyond that, dabar or self expression is God's message to humanity through Jesus, a message of love, compassion, and forgiveness as these attributes characterize the true nature of humanity, made in the image of God. More than a mere sound, dabar refers to self-expression: people in action as emissaries of the divine. The Septuagint, the oldest translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek uses the terms Rhema and Logos as equivalents for dabar. Other terms for dabar: creative energy, creative expression, message of truth

© Peggy Beatty 2010

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