Friday, May 6, 2011

The Possibility of This Moment

"The universe is an endless string of possible new beginnings; only the mind can block them. Every
moment offers evidence of miracles, if our eyes are open to see them and ours hearts are open to experience them".
A Course in Miracles

When considering a moment in time, it is important to remember that there are at least two dimensions to that moment; the historical dimension and the transcendent (or spiritual) dimension. At any given moment in historical time, we have the opportunity to be intentional about the way we move forward to the next moment, and our thought intention is informed by the transcendent dimension. It is thought which translates to action through the body. AND until thought defines the moment of action, that moment is pregnant with infinite possibility.

Thought emanates from memory, intellect, and will, the latter being informed by the spirit. It is in the moment of thought acquisition that we formulate the behavior (the [bodily] action) that next takes place in historical time. Intellect is a function of the mind and is concerned with rational truth, it is essentially, value-free, and data driven. In the same way, will is oriented toward value and wisdom, whatever is good (loving Self) or whatever serves “me” (ego Self), and memory holds past experience of both intellect and will. The spirit informs will, the power that emanates from the soul, in which generative love is the default, but will can also be influenced by ego, whose primary goal is the protection of the vulnerable loving self from the polarized paradox of physical reality. The task of becoming resolved images of God (love), therefore, falls in great part to maintaining a greater balance of will-power toward love-informed action (which is inherently vulnerable) and away from ego-protective action. Ultimately, the will, intellect, and memory work as an integrated psyche to formulate “right-thought” resulting in “right-action.”

This is why the present moment is so very important and why cultivating positive intention in the moment is paramount to becoming loving images of God. (Or the best human being we can be; or finding union with God; or enlightenment – all are the same phenomenon). And that is the elevation of human consciousness or perception to that of the Spirit of Divine Holiness.   

May you dwell in your moments of now long enough to make each action an extension of your Holy Loving Self!

Grace and Peace, Peggy

 © Peggy Beatty 2011


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