Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being and Doing...Spilling Love

God is a noun – Love is a verb – God is love is a verb. God is love is me is a noun. I am a noun. I am a verb. I am love. I give love. The difference between Buddha and Bodisattva, between God and Jesus, is being and action. But both are one and the same. Martha and Mary. The Potter and the clay. The water and the vessel. Love, like water is contained in vessels. When vessels take action, love spills over….God fills our vessels; we are made in Gods image. Water is still water when it resides in the pot. Cracked pots, I have heard us called and so it is. Our imperfections spill our love to the world on God’s behalf, for that is how God lives and moves and has God’s being. Spilling thoughts for a Tuesday.


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  1. There is so much to consider here.

    A river is a river because it flows, because that which is contains moves. Without the movement the river would just be stagnant, that contained would evaporate, and the river would cease to be a river but would take on another form. It might become a pond or a ditch. Movement is implied in the title: river.

    River is a noun, however that which differentiates the river from any of the other forms is the implied movement, the verb.

    A river can not be a river without the action of the verb.

    Great fun. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.