Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Power of Prayer

Prayer gains its greatest power when the lips become silent so the heart may listen wide open.

The Hebrew word for obedience is “shama,” which really means “to listen.” The English word for “obey” comes from the Latin “oboe - dire” which ...also means “to listen.”

When we are are listening with our hearts open in prayer, when we have hearts "oboe dire," the Word of God may fill us with truth. "Be still! And know..."
Powerful truth!

When were are attentive to one another, the same Spirit of Truth is allowed to inform our conversations. It is this Spirit to which we yield in love and humility for reconciliation.

Listen! God, who is absolute Truth, speaks to your open heart through your silent mind and reconciles the world.
Peace be with you, Peggy

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  1. Those Nouwen quotes you RT'd fit nicely into this piece. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.