Friday, January 31, 2014

Truth ~ Relative and Absolute

"What we call truth lies in the rational harmony between the subjective and objective aspects of reality, both of which belong to the super-personal man."

The composition of a table is atoms - protons and electrons, moving energies and alot of space - more space than density. We ascribe a reality independent of our self to the table, yet, it is our mind that conjures the solid table (objective) from a subjective understanding that there is a table. "The table which I perceive is perceptible by the same kind of consciousness which I possess."

"In the apprehension of truth there is an eternal conflict between the universal human mind and the same mind confined in the individual."

~Rabindranath Tagore in a conversation with Albert Einstein on the nature of the universe July 14, 1930, In Parabola, Spring 2014

Truth is always relative when we are speaking of form, whether form is thoughts, objects or circumstances to which our thoughts are drawn. In the human objective mind, truth is always relative and there are an infinite number of relative truths. Absolute Truth, Ultimate Reality (which Christians call God and Hindus call Brahman) contains all relative truths and will never be defined, or else it would also be relative. Because there are infinite relative truths when energy is resolved to matter by the mind, change is a constant. All of life, as we perceive it, is change. The enlightened mind (Tagore's "super-personal man") can rest beyond relative truth, if it is capable of setting aside the process of making forms - thoughts, ideas, and objects, and simply allows itself to be still. We can connect with that which is beyond relative truth. ~Peggy

Art: Anthony Scheving, Crown chakra

I published an article several years ago, the perspectives I stand by still. It's at:

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