Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good Morning Grandfather

Good morning Grandfather. 
I entered this life a ways back 
and put skin on to walk two legged in this creation
and what a glorious time it was.

It taught me about breath
and about sensing and feeling and caring through my heart.
I walked on around that Red Road
looking and trying to understand more
about the mystery and the secrets She holds.

And You spoke to me through the wind
And You sang to me through the birds
You brought challenges forth so that I might listen to the message You bring more sincerely
And I kept walking down this road.

And I came around the bend at the middle of that curve in the road and I began to find the secret in the Spirit of Myself
And still I walked on,
Sometimes blind and deaf
and sometimes with pain
but I fought with my fears and I embraced my unknowingness
and still I walked on.
And my children and my family stood with me
and we came to know each other in those later years more than we had before. For some of our falseness had fallen away
and still I walked on.

And I kept walking on this road towards You,
towards that other world that grew closer to me with each step.
And as the door of the Great Spirit world came closer
my fear loomed up inside sometimes...

But something called me forth.
The morning star rose with each day.
And my prayer became a centering and still I walked on.
Until I began to hear the song of the Mother,
and her arms embraced me so,
That instead of walking She carried me right to the door.
And as the door opened I heard her song.
And her song lifted me up so I could soar.

Jyoti, Good Morning, Grandfather in Graceful Passages a Companion for Living and Dying

May you embrace this beautiful Life with both tenderness and zeal! As you travel, may your ears ever listen for the assurance of God's perfection, Life's Perfection ....and know that it has always been with you, will always be with you. Be still. Be still. The earth has secrets to tell you! Be still! Each person you know is an eternal mystery present to you for a sacred purpose. You cannot know it unless you quiet your mind and open your heart.....with reverence for who you are with them, and they with you. You may not know the facts. You don't need to know facts. All you need is quiet reverence and you will hear the truth. 

There is more than meets the eye. "only with the heart can one see rightly." Love each other. Love your self, you are made in the image of the Holy One, a perfect beautiful child of Life. Love the earth, the sacred humus that clothes you and sustains the Spirit of Life within you. 

Be still. 

Honor these with your open heart: 
Spirit, The Life of the Divine within you, poured into you like wine in a golden chalice.
Flesh, the perfect vessel of the Divine that you are, form and formless, filled and empty, a holy temple.
Source, the Ground of Being that gives you birth and Life, the perfection of the ages and of agelessness....

...And that which you honor will flow forth to the world like a shining river of love and peace.

Be still. Be Love. _/\_Peggy @ Ecumenicus

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