Friday, March 20, 2015

Like Fog

We are all born with a rich and expansive inner universe and the inner senses to apply it to the outer universe. Inner sensing, intution, emotion, imagination...these tender elements of our selves are ubiquitous, like the fog, like airborne hydrogen atoms clutching oxygen in vapor. When we are young, these essentials of our being find expression in the joy and unencumbered playfulness of our doing.....and then they lift and dissipate, as the suns of conformity burn them away. And we are taught that we have 5 senses: sight, smell, hearing. touch and taste. We are rewarded for our intellect on tests if we choose the right answer. The lucky ones take art, music, dance, write poetry, and these allow a modicum of creative self expression. But the rest of our inner senses are destined to hide behind the defensive judgment maneuvers of yours and mine, right and wrong, behave yourself, seen and not heard. Today I am lingering in the fog, that deep stillness the water vapor holds in place, allowing the voice of my inner world to coalesce and sing the fearless harmony of being to my outer world of doing. 

May you give your self the gift of these quiet, foggy moments to remember how to sing all the parts!

~Peggy @

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