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Pray Continually, Give Thanks Always, Be Joyful!

Ātmā (Universal Consciousness) is the ruler of the entire universe pervading all the beings. Since Atma's constitution is ‘SAT(Existence)– CHIT(Consciousness)–ĀNANDA’ (Bliss/Joy), the motivating force of all beings is the urge to exist, to know and express and also to derive joy. Due to the veil of ignorance put up by Guṇa(s) of Prakṛti (desire and attachment to material nature), beings do not recognize the Ātmā within (Gīta 7.13). They see themselves as mere physical beings and strive to ensure existence, expression and joy for their physical entity.

The finest point of the knowledge one gains is the realization that one has no existence without the existence of the whole and therefore he has to strive primarily for the existence, expression and joy of the whole. This is what is called Dharma; the meaning of Dharma is ‘that which ensures existence (of the universe collectively)’ or in other words, that which conforms to the principle of SAT–CHIT–ĀNANDA.

The ultimate aim of beings is to merge with this principle, that is, Ātmā, shedding all the physical bondage, because the trinity of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss is the driving force in all beings and we invariably see in them a desire for perpetual existence, unbridled expression and eternal bliss. This is within every one of us all the time; but we don’t recognize it since we are oriented outwardly due to improper knowledge level (Gīta 7.27).

Freud’s ‘Ego’ is a product of the efforts to uphold ‘Dharma’; ‘Id’ indicates total absence of knowledge except the basic urge to exist which acts involuntarily for obtaining what is necessary to satisfy that urge. His ‘Super Ego’ is the eternal principle of ‘Dharma’ which acts in every person as a reflection of Ātmā.

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Below is my favorite scripture. I have always felt that it sums up my participation in Life through Christ, who is my enlightened thought and Jesus, whose hands and feet of flesh I wear. I see these tasks more circular than linear, like Life, itself. When we open our consciousness to Divine grace, trusting that "all will be well," when we cultivate our being in this existence as prayer, receptive to many possibilities and attached to none, joy becomes the beautiful byproduct and also the impetus to remain in a prayerful existence of thanksgiving.

Rejoice always (be ananda/joy/wonder/awe), pray continually (make contemplative practice [mindfulness] your sat/existence), give thanks (remain in a receptive, open, nonjudgmental state of chit/consciousness) in all circumstances; for this is God’s (Atma) will for you in Christ Jesus (the possibility within you).

~1 Thess 5:16-18

Follow your bliss with an open heart and no "should bes!"

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