Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creation Theology - Chronos, Kairos, Source-Spirit-Form

Help us to find God. No one can help you there. Why not? For the same reason that no one can help the fish to find the ocean. One Minute Wisdom, Anthony de Mello1

In Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28

There are at least two aspects of creation and being that must be dealt with in any interpretation of God’s being/doing. One is the temporal aspect, the emergence of matter and the historical evolution of matter (construction and destruction) in time (chronos). The second is the eternal or matter-less, which exists at any given point of time in multiple dimensions beyond our definability (kairos). The eternal moment (the "Now") takes into account everything that is not matter in physical time, but certainly pertains to that which is matter evolving through history. Why? Because in an eternal sense, all matter is a fleeting representation of itself. All matter is really more space than form, and is form only as a function of energy and perception. It is in each (now) transcendent moment of chronological time that all potential exists for both that moment in chronos and all moments in kairos; in all dimensions, even those we are unable to understand. In addition, creation can pertain to forms which are not material, such as thought, sound, energy sensation, light. A thought is most certainly a creation that takes definition, and thus, it is different than Creator/mystery/source.

Creation, takes place in both the realm of matter through historical time (chronos, immanence) and in the formless realm (kairos, transcendence), which involves the action of what I will call, “spirit.” Spirit may be sensed/perceived from without (sight, sound, shared thought, perceived energy) and also from within (intuition, compassion, empathy, passion). Both impact our being at a very primal soul level, a level that, we might say, is being created or at least awakened, and made more perceptive/receptive.

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