Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creation Theology - Thoughts, consciousness, stillness, mystery with Oprah and Tolle on pure consciousness

In God we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28

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Creation takes place in both the realm of matter through historical time and in the formless realm, which involves the action of what we call, “spirit.” The latter may be sensed/perceived from without (sound, shared thought, perceived energy) and from within (intuition, compassion, empathy, passion). Both impact our being at a very primal soul level, a level that is being created or at least awakened, and made more perceptive/receptive.

Our inner sense of creation, or consciousness can manifest as both intellect and emotion. We can only say that “creation begins simultaneously at the creation of time” as a function of our awareness of this fact. In fact, it is our awareness of ourselves in time and as form that gives rise to what we call history. The triune nature of God speaks of the simultaneous existence of source, spirit (formlessness), and form. Thus, creation may take the form of physical world, it may be thought, and it may be awareness (consciousness). Creation beyond form and thought moves into the realm of mystery. The most important thing to know about mystery is that it is real and to accept it without trying to define it. When you do this, you will realize you are mystery.

"God's first language is silence." John of the Cross

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