Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Creation - out of silence, emergence

When silence finds its fullness, it comes to word. Wisdom 18:14. "When night in its swift course had reached its half-way point and deep silence embraced everything, the eternal Word leaped from the Heavenly throne" silence burst into song... The Music of Silence, D Steindl-Rast

One star against eternal night
Deep and vast beyond
Shines a gurgling gaseous promise.
Floating in a churning sea of ultraviolet
Purple, blue and indigo
Within is cloaked a core
of infrared incendiary fervor.

Here, there captured in the timeless ether
Spewing fire balls that
Hiss and moan creative juice,

Waiting for intention
To coax such wild passion
Into graced design.

Deep within the womb of timelessness
A spark of Yes perseveres
To be made known.

Holds an eye toward all things new
And yields a savage heart to love’s caress.

Round and round the cask is crafted slowly
Then is poured the molten Soul.

A star

A light

Infernal need, divine desire
Aching flesh amalgam
Answers into cosmic destiny

The birth
Of one who will not be unseen.

A star

A light

A Soul

Encased in flesh and bathed
In spirit blood
Issues from the black unknown.

Essence of the flame within.
Cool indigo beams light years
Through eternity, illuminating Truth.

As in a fleeting moment
Emerges evanescent Being.

Peggy Beatty Dec 2009

© Peggy Beatty 2010

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