Thursday, August 26, 2010

Creation (cont) - Redemption

If humanity knows who they are as Godly, spiritual beings, they will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

The creation story written in Genesis was written following the exodus, the freeing of Israel from Egypt. Thus, it is a story of new life as a function of liberation from suffering and slavery. The exodus story is also a story of redemption, as God’s providence was, for the 3rd time historically, extended to the Israelites in covenant at Sinai. God asked for a promise of faithfulness from the people in this covenant, binding both parties to equally engage the promise. God has proven loyalty and love and asks for the people to return this commitment. He tells them who they are: “…the chosen, the priestly, the holy ones.” God’s essence is revealed as the people realize their Godliness (this is salvation), the covenant is agreed upon and sealed with a meal (the sharing of life) and a sign (the Sabbath) – a day of simply being one with God.

If we go back in time, the covenant at Sinai was preceded by two other covenants, the first was with Noah after “40 years” of flooding destroyed the land, God promised to restore and retain creation to Noah and Noah’s family. The second covenant was with Abraham, to whom God promised grace and everlasting faithfulness and that he should be “The Father of All Nations.” And now, we are here at Sinai, the people are bound in covenant; the people are redeemed or rebound to God as God’s people. These covenants become simultaneously increasingly specific with respect to the relationship of the parties and increasingly collective/inclusive with respect to humanity. We can also see that out of each of these covenants something or someone or some people are redeemed and something new is created: a new creation, an extended family, a community of priests – chosen and holy. As creation evolves, as humanity evolves, so does the understanding of the relationship between humans and God evolve.

Finally, the covenant agreement repeats itself through the sacrifice of Jesus, who, once again presents the people with an image of who they are respective to God, and this time it is love. Jesus completes the circle of the realization of what it means to be holy, which is to be people of love; to be priestly, which is to understand your relationship with God in love and to extend that to each other. And, most importantly, this is what it means to be truly human, as Jesus was; and Godly, which is loving and holy. If humanity knows who they are as Godly, spiritual beings, they will know the truth and the truth will set them free. They will be redeemed and renewed at the very same time. With the mind and heart of Christ, humanity will be redeemed and reborn – the new creation.

© Peggy Beatty 2010

Photograph: Taken near Conception MO.

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